What is an Autocross? It is a timed automobile competition, where one car at a time drives a course defined by pylons and/or painted lines on a paved surface. Penalties are assessed for hitting the pylons or crossing the painted lines. Historically, an autocross requires the ability to look at a driving course (you get to walk the course prior to driving it) and to anticipate what must be done to drive


2017 Autocross Schedule (hosted by Equipe Rapide)

For the 2017 Autocross season, we are again combining efforts with Equipe Rapide. Please see their website for overall event information.

Event Date     Location
Autocross 1 Feb 26 Results Entrants Burleson High School (sound restrictions)
Autocross 2 (mirrorcross) Apr 2 Rescheduled to Sept 10! (rained out)
Autocross 3 Apr 9 Results Entrants Lone Star Park
Autocross 4 (mirrorcross) May 28 Register Entrants Mineral Wells
Autocross 5 Jun 11 Register Entrants Mesquite High School (sound restrictions)
Autocross 6 Jul 30 Register Entrants Mesquite High School (sound restrictions)
Autocross 7 (rescheduled!) Aug 20 (was 27th!) Register Entrants Lone Star Park (was Mesquite!)
Autocross 2 (mirrorcross) Sep 10 Register Entrants Mineral Wells (rescheduled from Apr 2)
Autocross 8 (mirrorcross) Sep 24 Register Entrants Mineral Wells
Autocross 9 (rescheduled!) Oct 15 (was 29th!) Register Entrants Lone Star Park (was Burleson!)
Autocross 10 (moved!) Nov 5 Register Entrants Lone Star Park (was Mesquite!)


To REGISTER for an event with Equipe Rapide click here : Register for ER Autocross.

The daily schedule for the Equipe Rapide events can be found here : Event Time Schedule.

What is a Mirrorcross? Mirrorcross is like autocross with an awesome twist. Competitors line up at the Christmas Tree and go heads up down the straight start. Then they make a turn onto the mirror image courses and autocross their way back to the finish line. Competitors switch sides and go again. In fact, each competitor will get at least 6 runs on each side of the course for a total of 12 runs! Your fastest left side and fastest right side are added together to generate your overall finishing position.

How to Classify your Porsche with Equipe Rapide : ER Classification


We have instructors on hand at each event, who will be glad to show you the ropes!

Helpful Hints - This is a list of frequently asked questions and basic information about Autocrosses. If you need to know about safety or what to bring for your first Autocross, you will want to read this fact sheet.

Autocross Instruction Manual - This manual contains all the technical information you might need to understand to run an Autocross.
Topics :

  • How to Design a Course
  • How to Get Diagrams of the Courses
  • How to Work a Corner
  • How to Do Timing/Scoring
  • How to Do Grid
  • How to Walk a Course
  • What to Do Before You Drive
  • How to Conduct a Drivers Meeting





Links - Need to find something for your next Autocross? We have provided links other local clubs, technical information, and our favorite tire suppliers.

Autocross & Time Trial Photos

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