Eliminate Distractions

By Charles Davis
A common problem, especially for new drivers, is hitting the windshield wiper stalk as you madly try to keep the car under control. This is very embarrassing! You just know that everybody noticed what happened and is laughing uncontrollably. While you are considering what to do to save face, you hit several more pylons. In fact, the spectators laugh at your loss of concentration, not hitting the wipers. After all, they have done it many times themselves.

One basic rule in autocrossing: it's a future thing! Never think (for even a millisecond) about something that has already happened. Also don't think about what you are doing right now...it's too late to do anything about it! Always use 100% of your left brain to devise strategies for what to do next! And 100% of your right brain executing tactics which will complement these strategies.

A good trick is to disable the wipers! Even old pros sometimes hit the wiper lever, but if you disable them, nobody will know when you hit it. Most early 911s have several round electrical plugs under the dash...one disables the wipers and nothing else important. It only takes a few seconds to pull it out. On other cars, remove the fuse for the wipers. Don't forget to undo whatever you did to disable the wipers after the event!

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