Sat, 4/13/02, Mineral Wells

Number Name Car Time Place Points Index
Class 2
48Dugan, BillRed 914 Red78.035191.030
23Bailey, RonBlue 91478.979271.018
Class 2L
108Dugan, NancyRed 914 Red84.126190.955
Class 3
87Platts, MattRed 924S86.583191.057
666Easley, JayBlue 94487.128271.050
Class 3L
137Zaruba, AnastasiaBlue 944100.726190.908
Class 4
21Halla, JohnTangerine 911E75.596191.051
102Erz, EricBrown 911E77.860271.020
332Baker, DavidWhite 911 T84.885350.936
Class 5
64Shoffit, JamesBlack 911 SC71.127191.083
50Mears, AndyBlue 911 S75.072271.026
Class 5L
89Shoffit, WendyBlack 911 SC84.965190.907
Class 6
62Boone, RickMaroon 944 Turbo76.476191.018
161Randall, RickBlack 911 Carerra82.352270.946
58Gage, DanRed 944 Turbo83.749350.930
Class S6
311Machala, ChuckSilver Boxster71.331191.092
76Miller, BillBlack 911 Coupe75.380271.033
510Chadwick, JimSilver Boxster77.987350.999
337Campbell, BillRed Boxsterno time440.078
Class 7
257Takahashi, NobySilver Boxster S74.467191.088
32Lang, TomSilver Boxster S79.316271.021
Class S7
619Johnson, RockySilver Boxster S82.158190.986
Class S7L
720Kavanaugh, SusannaBlack Boxster S87.999190.920
Class 8
99Steele, MarkRed 99368.203191.079
98Chen, KevinSilver 99368.510271.074
Class 8L
9Steele, LisaRed 99384.115190.875
Class 10
111Hardison, KevinBlue 91473.889191.000
Class 13
140Binek, DarwinRed 911 Carrera77.898191.055
242Shaffer, DarronW-Green Boxster S90.498270.908
Class 13L
104Binek, KellyRed 911 Carrera78.184191.051
Class 15
5Mayo, EdBlack 914 (Cockroach)65.552191.143
1 Sears, CodyBlack 914 (Cockroach)84.311270.889
Class OA
81Fleischer, MikeRed Corvette Z0668.9291
1222Vail, JasonGold Sunfire84.6112
24Parker, KevinWhite Mustang Cobra86.8163
Class OG
57Name WithheldRed M Coupe71.2731
166Ingram, DonRed Corrado83.7962
Class OJ
186Williams, MitchRed 240Z70.9631
196Hawkins, KenBrown 280ZX75.0502
74Garner, GabbyWhite WRX81.4803
17Wilson, JerryWhite Civic85.5094
Class DD
750Graidage, ColinRed 911 Targa86.755

Top Time Of Day Men : Mayo, Ed Class 15 Time 65.552

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Binek, Kelly Class 13L Time 78.184

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