Sun, 6/30/02, Mineral Wells

Number Name Car Time Place Points Index
Class 2
1Sears, CodyRed 91463.047191.069
37Davis, CharlieGreen 91466.167271.019
111Hardison, KevinRed 91473.034350.923
Class 3
31Lockas, MikeWhite 94466.217191.000
Class 4
54Sutton, JerryRed 911T66.860191.009
332Baker, DavidWhite 911 T67.449271.000
102Erz, EricBrown 911E68.044350.991
Class 5
64Shoffit, JamesBlack 911 SC65.527191.043
Class 5L
89Shoffit, WendyBlack 911 SC71.098190.961
Class 6
311Machala, ChuckSilver Boxster64.709191.073
34Todd, RichardWhite 944 Turbo68.832271.009
161Randall, RickBlack 911 Carerra69.754350.996
3111Machala, CharlesSilver Boxster69.869440.994
96McKay, DanBlack 91170.263530.988
Class S6
76Miller, BillBlack 911 Coupe69.849190.994
176Miller, GrantBlack 911 Coupe72.837270.953
Class 7
257Takahashi, NobySilver Boxster S67.328191.015
Class S7
27Olcha, KeithRed Boxster S65.729191.039
67Saunders, RandyRed 911 C267.291271.015
619Johnson, RockySilver Boxster S69.169350.988
66Saunders, HiramRed 911 C269.350440.985
72Heragu, KeerthiSpeed Yellow Boxster S71.049530.962
Class 8
99Steele, MarkRed 99365.947191.038
Class 8L
9Steele, LisaRed 99370.960190.965
Class 13
242Shaffer, DarronW-Green Boxster S74.077191.000
Class 17
211Swanson, JohnBlue 914-674.737191.000
Class OA
171Hollinsworth, JimBlack Corvette64.4501
23Castillo, BenRed S4065.8292
67Mimlitch, DavidRed Contour SVT67.3213
618Boner, TonyBlack Contour SVT68.1054
761Taylor, RobbieBlack Contour SVT68.2335
550Kilburn, VernRed Contour SE68.6666
149Stawski, TimBlack Contour SVT69.0097
13Walker, EmeryRed Contour SVT70.0948
030Dollagaray, ErickBlack Contour SVT71.7949
911Morley, RossRed Contour SVT75.04210
85Milligan, KrisChampagne Contour SE75.34511
456Hoffman, BobWhite Mustang75.73712
10Mata, JuanNavy Blue Contour SE80.09113
Class OAL
71Sowell, LeslieBlack Corvette75.6431
401Hughes, LaneanPewter Firebird79.4072
Class OG
88Name WithheldArctic Gray 325is72.8031
Class OJ
186Williams, MitchRed Miata67.8711
74Garner, GabbyWhite WRX71.4252
Class DD
227Edwards, ScottBlack 911 C473.935
999Name WithheldRed 328is75.000
222Edwards, GeorgeBlack 911 C475.196
212Swanson, AllenYellow 91479.117
134Pinkerton, WilliamSilver Contour82.092

Top Time Of Day Men : Sears, Cody Class 2 Time 63.047

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Steele, Lisa Class 8L Time 70.960

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