Sat, 7/13/02, Mineral Wells

Number Name Car Time Place Points Index
Class 2
1Sears, CodyRed 91471.379191.042
26Bailey, RonBlue 91477.357270.961
Class 3
31Lockas, MikeWhite 94472.400191.000
Class 4
332Baker, DavidWhite 911 T72.108191.045
102Erz, EricBrown 911E73.023271.032
21Halla, JohnTangerine 911E75.771350.995
55Gauthier, RickBlack 911 E80.519440.936
Class 5
64Shoffit, JamesBlack 911 SC70.001191.013
Class 5L
11Shoffit, WendyBlack 911 SC71.757190.988
Class 6
311Machala, ChuckSilver Boxster69.826191.050
161Randall, RickBlack 911 Carerra72.580271.010
3111Machala, CharlesSilver Boxster73.342350.999
68Lage, AlanBlack 96873.692440.995
750Graidage, ColinRed 911 Targa74.963530.978
62Boone, RickMaroon 944 Turbo75.109620.976
Class S6
76Miller, BillBlack 911 Coupe73.510190.997
Class 7
257Takahashi, NobySilver Boxster S69.076191.071
Class S7
619Johnson, RockySilver Boxster S73.033191.013
222Edwards, GeorgeBlack 911 C479.909270.926
Class 8
99Steele, MarkRed 99367.653191.036
Class 8L
9Steele, LisaRed 99372.524190.966
Class 13
242Shaffer, DarronW-Green Boxster S73.996191.000
Class 15
5Mayo, EdBlack 914 (Cockroach)65.107191.000
Class 16
550Diller, RichardRed 911S67.519191.000
Class OG
999Name WithheldRed 328is77.8081
66Copeland, ScottGray TT79.7112
Class OGL
1999Name WithheldRed 328is83.5101
Class OJ
148Balachandra, SanjeevaYellow S200071.3251
74Garner, GabbyWhite WRX73.8832
Class DD
61Bridges, MikeBlue Corvette73.969
141Boss, BrianBlue 91178.352
125Solorzano, MikeGreen Boxster78.652

Top Time Of Day Men : Mayo, Ed Class 15 Time 65.107

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Shoffit, Wendy Class 5L Time 71.757

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