Sun, 9/14/02, Pennington

Number Name Car Time Place Points Index
Class 2
1Sears, CodyRed 91431.862191.062
111Hardison, KevinRed 91432.571271.039
37Davis, CharlieGreen 91432.614351.037
211Swanson, AllenYellow 91435.937440.941
21Swanson, MichaelYellow 91436.171530.935
Class 3
31Lockas, MikeWhite 94433.794191.064
87Platts, MattRed 924S36.270270.991
Class S3
19Monin, MichaelSilver 94437.795190.951
Class 4
332Baker, DavidWhite 911 T33.546191.071
54Sutton, JerryRed 911T33.852271.061
102Erz, EricBrown 911E34.277351.048
1102Erz, ManfredBrown 911E38.082440.943
55Gauthier, RickBlack 911 E39.278530.915
Class S4
6Welte, JohnBlack 91138.705190.928
Class 4L
45Sutton, MyraRed 911T33.772191.064
Class 5
64Shoffit, JamesBlack 911 SC32.323191.066
911Stafford, BillBrown 911 SC33.426271.031
50Mears, AndyBlue 911 S34.659350.994
120de Jong, MikeGreen 911S36.008440.957
Class 5L
11Shoffit, WendyBlack 911 SC33.085191.042
210de Jong, MicheleGreen 911S37.274270.925
Class 6
311Machala, ChuckSilver Boxster32.506191.045
161Randall, RickBlack 911 Carerra33.985271.000
96McKay, DanBlack 91134.059350.997
Class S6
76Miller, BillBlack 911 Coupe34.368190.988
176Miller, GrantBlack 911 Coupe34.923270.973
Class 7
C45Reif, CyrilWhite 911 C233.818191.025
Class S7
262Gluck, MarkGray Boxster S33.970191.020
619Johnson, RockySilver Boxster S34.281271.011
72Heragu, KeerthiSpeed Yellow Boxster S35.156350.986
222Edwards, GeorgeBlack 911 C436.077440.961
Class 8
99Steele, MarkRed 99332.916191.012
Class 8L
9Steele, LisaRed 99333.706190.988
Class 13
242Shaffer, DarronW-Green Boxster S33.636191.036
140Binek, DarwinRed 911 Carrera35.179270.991
Class 13L
104Binek, KellyRed 911 Carrera35.763190.975
Class 16
26Abbott, PaulYellow 911S34.515191.000
Class 17
03Swanson, JohnBlue 914-638.026191.000
Class OA
71Hollinsworth, JimBlack Corvette31.1061
2Ishmael, NizamSilver Corvette35.8282
Class OAL
171Sowell, LeslieBlack Corvette33.5761
Class OG
67Name WithheldBlue 323ci34.8431
29Name WithheldRed M Roadster35.6402
00Minchillo, VinnyBlack A436.1593
15Colletti, MarkSilver Golf36.9754
77Name WithheldRed M338.1265
Class OJ
17Wilson, JerryWhite Civic32.9481
77Partridge, RogerWhite Civic33.3402
74Garner, GabbyWhite WRX33.4613
91Suel, GurolWhite RSX34.6424
56Mishra, ShanGreen Protégé38.6795
117Lockless, SteveSilver Protégé39.0826
177Jain, RajulSilver Protégé39.2997
53Ward, BrantGreen Protégé39.9028
Class DD
69Ammerman, ColemanYellow Mustang Cobra34.136
224Shaffer, TedW-Green Boxster S35.582

Top Time Of Day Men : Hollinsworth, Jim Class OA Time 31.106

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Shoffit, Wendy Class 5L Time 33.085

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