Sat, 10/5/02, Mineral Wells

Number Name Car Time Place Points Index
Class 2
1Sears, CodyRed 91486.863191.003
111Hardison, KevinRed 91487.302270.997
Class 3
31Lockas, MikeWhite 94488.423191.000
Class 4
102Erz, EricBrown 911E89.459191.000
332Baker, DavidWhite 911 Tno time270.089
Class 5
64Shoffit, JamesBlack 911 SC84.977191.012
Class 5L
11Shoffit, WendyBlack 911 SC87.042190.988
Class 6
311Machala, ChuckSilver Boxster84.067191.087
158Gage, DanRed 944 Turbo89.067271.026
161Randall, RickBlack 911 Carerra90.297351.012
62Boone, RickMaroon 944 Turbo92.652440.986
750Graidage, ColinRed 911 Targa93.594530.976
Class S6
76Miller, BillBlack 911 Coupe88.024191.038
Class S6L
401Hughes, LaneanRed 944 Turbo101.778190.898
Class 7
257Takahashi, NobySilver Boxster S84.009191.058
Class S7
222Edwards, GeorgeBlack 911 C493.805190.948
Class 8
99Steele, MarkRed 99385.166191.039
Class S8
19Georgas, BillWhite 91190.164190.982
Class 8L
9Steele, LisaRed 99390.236190.981
Class 16
550Diller, RichardRed 911S84.481191.000
Class OA
61Bridges, MikeBlue Corvette86.7961
47Yetzer, MattBlack Trans Am88.1102
92Boldt, StevenBlue Camaro91.6623
26Ishmael, NizamBlack Mustang96.6804
Class OG
67Garcia, JohnYellow Atlantic75.2161
6Nannis, JoelYellow Atlantic78.3002
999Name WithheldRed 328is91.0393
Class OJ
94Bottorff, DamonBlue RX-785.2571
95Altschul, JonathanGreen Supra Turbo86.2022
74Garner, GabbyWhite WRX87.6063
186Williams, MitchRed Miata89.4124
23Moriyasu, YusukeSapphire 240SX93.9255
97Leverington, JustinBlack 3000GT99.5226
Class DD
141Boss, BrianBlue 91194.661
125Solorzano, MikeGreen Boxster96.517

Top Time Of Day Men : Garcia, John Class OG Time 75.216

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Shoffit, Wendy Class 5L Time 87.042

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