Sun, 10/19/02, Mineral Wells

Number Name Car Time Place Points Index
Class 2
1Sears, CodyRed 91448.072191.065
37Davis, CharlieGreen 91451.313270.998
48Dugan, BillRed 91451.555350.993
26Bailey, RonBlue 91453.837440.951
Class 3
87Platts, MattRed 924S52.711191.000
Class 6
311Machala, ChuckSilver Boxster50.530191.012
161Randall, RickBlack 911 Carerra51.147271.000
Class S6
76Miller, BillBlack 911 Coupe51.689190.989
Class 7
64Shoffit, JamesWhite C4 Cabriolet50.641191.011
Class S7
619Johnson, RockySilver Boxster S51.754190.989
Class 8
99Steele, MarkRed 99347.555191.026
Class 8L
9Steele, LisaRed 99350.014190.975
Class OG
187Name WithheldBlack 325is53.5281

Top Time Of Day Men : Steele, Mark Class 8 Time 47.555

Top Time Of Day Ladies : Steele, Lisa Class 8L Time 50.014

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