General Rally Rules

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Touring & Timed Classes

  1. Behavior: Drive safely, carefully, and legally. Behave courteously and play fairly.
  2. Rally Roads: Use only paved roads designed for through passage by the general public. Roads with gates, guardhouses, or posted access restrictions, other than direction of travel, are not rally roads unless clearly specified in the rally instructions.
  3. Route Instructions: The route is revealed through step-by-step instructions. Execute each instruction in turn, in the order presented, as soon as possible.

    A typical text instruction lists an action and a navigational reference connected by a position notation, including:

    Left, Acute Left, Bear Left
    Right, Acute Right, Bear Right
    Pick Up, Straight, Cross
    On, Onto
    Navigational References
    Road identified by name or number
    Quoted text from sign
    STOP, YIELD, or other defined landmark
    1st, 2nd, etc. Opportunity

    Tulip diagrams may be used to provide a visual indication of the route-following action to be taken at each reference point.

  4. Route Following: Follow the current road until you can execute the next route instruction or until the pavement forces you onto another road. You must have an instruction at a T unless the current road clearly follows one arm of the T. If the current road becomes indistinguishable by signs, markings, size, or surface, you must have an instruction.
  5. Quoted Signs: Material quoted in an instruction will be a prominent, contiguous portion of the alphanumeric text shown on the same support structure. Spelling will be exact. Signs may be located above or on either side of the rally route and will be readable while travelling at the speed limit from normal seating positions.
  6. Landmarks: All landmarks will be identified by a sign, defined, or associated with a mileage.
  7. Proof of Passage: Fill-in-the-blank questions will be presented in the order of encounter within the route instructions. Tie-Breaker questions, however, may be anything the rallymaster devises and may be presented at a time and place of the rallymaster's discretion.

    Timed Class Only:

  8. Distance: Mileage is continuous from rally start to end. The official measurements will have been adjusted to closely approximate freeway mileage marker calibration. Official mileage is given with each route instruction in the first 15 miles and at every speed change thereafter.
  9. Speed: Initiate speed changes at the navigational reference indicated in the instructions. Speed instructions (CASTs) are average speeds, which are computed as instantaneous speed changes for scoring purposes.
  10. Pauses & Delays: Pause 15 seconds at every STOP and pause 45 seconds at every traffic light. Route instructions indicate the perfect elapsed time to depart from each instruction's reference point in the first 10 to 15 miles. A pause of about 5 minutes will be included at the end of this first 10-15 miles for odometer calibration. Do not block access to signs & landmarks for other rally entrants.

Delays in 30-second increments will be automatically accepted within the range of 45 seconds to 3 minutes 15 seconds. Additional delay will require confirmation from another competing team that the delay was unavoidable.

Distance Correction

Your Mileage / Official Mileage = Adjustment Factor

Adjustment Factor X Official Mileage = Your Odometer Reading

Speed Correction

Adj. Factor X CAST = Approx. Adjusted CAST
(May not be exact!)

MPH X 1.6 = KPH