Driving Schools

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Are you ready for school? Maverick Region driving schools give you a taste of what competitive driving is all about. All schools are held prior to the start of the Autocross and Time Trial seasons to get you hungry for more! Though safety comes first, having fun is our goal for everyone. The focus this year is Porsche men and women who want to learn more about driving their car. Previous experience is not required. In fact, if you have taken the schools two times already, you have graduated. Please accept our congratulations! (Now we need you to volunteer to help put on the schools for the new people!) Students will receive full instruction from our excellent and experienced Maverick instructors.

(But we still have instruction at regular Autocrosses, so come on out!)

Autocross 101

Introduction to Autocross

This school is the perfect introduction on how to attend an Autocross. Students drive exercises in the morning followed by a real Autocross in the afternoon. Students and instructors work the corners to gain experience as an observer as well as a driver. Fun runs at the end give volunteers and instructors a chance to join in as well.

2010 AX 101 School Pictures

2009 AX 101 School Pictures

2008 AX 101 School Pictures

Time Trial 101

Introduction to Time Trial

Mineral Wells - Not offered in 2014.

This school provides a specific focus on the Maverick Time Trial courses. It includes multiple laps on courses that are higher speed than the Autocrosses . Students learn higher speed handling and transitions in portions of the Time Trial courses in the morning. The afternoon is devoted to an actual Time Trial.

2010 TT 103 School Pictures

2009 TT 103 School Pictures

2008 TT 103 School Pictures

General Info:

  • The schools are expected to be sold out. We limit the number of students to ensure full instruction for everybody. This means: Register early to ensure your spot!

  • The Porsche club member cost is $55 for each school. (This must be the bargain of the century for instructed driving schools!)

  • Non-Porsche Club, and late registrations (2 weeks before event) will cost $80.

  • Porsche Club members that sign up more than 2 weeks in advance will have priority. Acceptance e-mails, along with school details, will be delivered approximately 2 weeks prior to the school.

  • Helmets are required. They must have a SNELL 2005 or SNELL 2010 rating. If you don't have a helmet, loaners will be available. You will be asked to purchase a head sock for $5 (or bring your own).

  • All cars must have a Maverick Region technical inspection the morning of the schools. This helps us check for any safety issues that may be a concern to your safety or ours during this driving event. If you suspect that you may have an issue that would pose an unsafe vehicle, you should take it to your normal service location prior to the morning of the event. Unsafe vehicles will not be allowed for any driving events. You can download our standard Technical Inspection Form here. Please contact Robyn Howard at drivingschools@mavpca.org for more details or questions.

  • We need volunteers to help put on the school. Please consider giving back by helping out with setup, running, and taking down the event. We need you to register online so we know you are coming.

  • If you have any questions, please contact Robyn Howard at drivingschools@mavpca.org.