Tech Sessions

Tech Sessions are devoted to presenting Porsche technical information. These are usually hosted by local shops.

The next Tech Session

Growler Motor Labs

Maverick Engine Tune and Dyno Day
When : Thursday, July 27, 2017, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Location : Growler Motor Labs (former Cobb Tuning)
1200 Placid Ave. #550, Plano, TX 75074
Price : FREE
Food : TBD
This tech session will focus on what is involved with modern engine tuning and a practical demonstration of the obtained results. The session will run in two parallel tracks and attendees can observe the process for both:

1. Process and explanation of engine tuning Growler staff will explain the process of engine tuning and will perform a live tune using the Cobb Accessport device. We are looking for an interested member to have this done on their car. This member will need the Accessport device (which can be purchased from Growler at a discount especially for this event), and the tune will be done as part of the event for free!

2. Dyno runs Being a tuning shop, Growler will make their dyno available for member cars to have dyno runs done. Members should mention during sign-in that they want their cars dyno'ed. Depending on the number of cars wanting to have this done and the time restriction during the event, not all cars may be able to get a run. The final selection as to which cars get chosen lies with the host.

I am told that the Macan (S/GTS/turbo) models respond particularly well to the tune. Other cars that work with the Accessport are:

  • 981 Boxster, Caymans & 991 Carreras (would need to confirm the GT4)
  • 987.2 Boxster, Cayman
  • 996 turbo
  • 997.1 turbo & GT2 & GT3/GT3RS
  • 997.2 turbo & GT3/GT3RS
  • 991 turbo & GT2