Content Submission Guidelines

Below is a list of ways you can submit content:

Newsletter / Website Contacts

Kurt Scaggs, Slipstream Editor
Bill Orr, Webmaster


We welcome article submissions for inclusion in Slipstream! Email them to Kurt Scaggs, Slipstream Editor at

Event photos

We have a new tool to upload event photos that works with PCs and mobile devices. If you have photos you would like to share and possibly end up in the newsletter, website or social media, please submit them here:

Porsche of the Month Photo Contest

Each month we have a photo contest and the winner is published in Slipstream. Please read the content rules before submitting. Use this link to submit a photo: Porsche of The Month Photo Contest

Maverick Member Car Registry

If you would like to add your car(s) to the Maverick Member Car Registry use this link: Member Car Registry