Mav Of The Month

Each month the Maverick Region President selects a Mav Of The Month in recognition of their contribution to the club. The winner gets a $75 fine dining Gift Card courtesy of Autobahn Porsche.

Current Mav Of The Month

Mike O’Hare

Mike has been with the PCA close to 4 years. Right from the green light he kicked it into high gear and became very active in many activities and always lending a hand. Mike is a friendly face always welcoming Mavs at our event and giving a fun greeting to any PCA Jr. that may also be attending. Mike’s love for Porsche and Auto Racing can be seen either by the smile on his face when driving his 991 GT3, or his amazing collection of die-cast race cars. Mike has had some great ideas for our club’s Tech Sessions which is why he teamed up to help Co-Chair those events. Mike also recently took on a fun task of running our Weekly Online Trivia “Porschephile Prufung” (Porsche Exam) to give us all something fun to do during the COVID19 sheltering-inplace time. Mike has come up with some great and interesting questions to stump us. Each week he would announce a winner for “bragging rights” and post another question. These are things that bring us together by Driving Friendships and more reasons how our club stays Fueled By Volunteers. Please join me in Congratulating Mike as our Maverick of the Month.

Past Monthly Winners

Click on a link to see the Mav Of The Month winner in Slipstream for that month.

Month Winner
Jul Mike O’Hare
Jun Jimmy Gallegos
May Michael Baynton
Apr Matt Wilson
Mar Tom & Ginger Heuerman
Feb Scott Kerfoot
Jan Bill Orr
Month Winner
Dec Bill Middleton
Nov Scott Kellogg
Oct Craig Janssen
Sep Deborah Fike
Aug Claudia Reynolds
Jul Kurt Scaggs
Jun Peter Wen
May Renee hayden
Apr Mike and Ian O’Hare
Mar Bob Kramer
Feb Corbin Stogner & Brady Stogner
Jan Don Sebert & George Luxbacher

Month Winner
Dec Mark Pitarresi & Brant Worrell
Nov TJ Kroele, Chris Sorrells, Mark Schnoerr
Oct Vanessa Fernandes & Clark Randall
Sep Jerry DeFeo
Aug John Sandusky
Jul Landon Stogner
Jun Jason Brodigan
May Mike Mahoney
Apr Jim Hirsch
Mar Derrick Tate
Feb Ginger Heuerman
Jan Debi Gibson
Month Winner
Dec Rob Adams
Nov Mark Pitarresi
Oct Debi Gibson & Bill Kruder
Sep Bill Orr
Aug Andrew Barber
Jul Kurt Scaggs
Jun Rose Gohlke
May Jim Hirsch
Apr Tony Lisotta
Mar Mark Schnoerr
Feb Chris Flaugh
Jan James & Wendy Shoffit