Richard F. Selcer Memorial Award

The Selcer award is named in memory of one of our members from the 60's. Captain Dick Selcer, a retired airline pilot, served many roles in the Maverick region, including treasurer, where he coined the phrase, "we have money!"

"The purpose of the award is to acknowledge outstanding contributions to Maverick Region and to inspire others to do likewise, as Dick had so unselfishly done. Each year the president of the club may select the recipient

Most Recent Winner

John Hamilton
2016 Richard F. Selcer Memorial
Award Winner

Past Winners

1976Charles L. Davis
1977Bill & Sharon Dawson
1978John Hala
1979Joan & Barry Gibbs
1980Milton & Susan Barley
1981Charles & Teri Davis
1982Fran & Carl Ussery
1983Bob Manskey
1984Alan & Linda Bambina
1985Joyce & Jeff Hammill
1986Myra & Jerry Sutton
1987Fran Ussery & Jan Mayo
1988Don & Taxi Briethaupt
1989Edward Mayo
1990Joel Nannis
1991Julia Underwood
1992Debbie & Howard Riff
1993Bob Ande & Bob Knight
1994Lanean Hughes
1995Gordon Smith
1996Fred Seipp
1997Kevin Hardison
1998Lanean Hughes
1999Bryan Henderson
2000Wendy Shoffit
2001Joe McGlohen
2002Bill Dugan
2003Cody Sears
2004Lanean Hughes
2005Wendy Shoffit
2006Tracey Gross
2007Joel Nannis
2008Lisa Steele
2009Christy Payne
2010James Shoffit
2011Richard Bradley
2012Linda Bambina
2012Christy Payne
2012Lisa Steele
2013Travis Howard
2014Tracey Robertson
2015Stephanie Ho
2016John Hamilton