Maverick Region History

The Maverick Region was born in November 1962 at the Fiesta Best Western Motel in Arlington. The official charter from the national officers of PCA was issued on December 24th, 1962. There were 10 charter members of Maverick Region. The Charter members were: Robert Barnett, Jeff & Alverne Horsfall, France & Joan McKee, MD, James Tulloh, MD, Robert Shull, Beck Anderson, Doyle Bush , Buzz Rowell, D.E. Bush, John and Sue Starnes. In 1965, Bill Holderness named the newsletter Slipstream, an aviation term...many of our early members were airline pilots. An equivalent automotive term would be draft, so I guess we were lucky. Following 30 years of growth, Maverick region has over 2500 members and is still growing.

Maverick region has held driver education events in many Metroplex locations including: Forum 303 mall, Green Valley Raceway, Oak Hill, Motorsport Ranch, and the Old Fort Wolters Training Base.

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