Concours D'Elegance

A Concours d’Elegance is an event during which owners of restored and highly maintained cars compete to see which is closest to its ‘as delivered’ condition. In simple terms, it’s a car show. During a Maverick Region Concours, owners and spectators alike will enjoy viewing a wide variety of well-prepared Porsche cars. This is your not-to-be missed Maverick event!

There are two types of Concours: the highly competitive PCA national level where cars are judged for originality, restoration and/or cleanliness and the "top-only or street" Concours. At the national level of competition, owners have spent many hours preparing all aspects of their cars, and competition can be intense.

The top-only or street Concours is much more relaxed and is the type Maverick Region sponsors. Only the car’s exterior, interior and a storage compartment will be judged. Points are deducted from a maximum possible value based on condition and cleanliness and trophies are awarded to the top cars. Cars will compete against like models based on the Maverick Region Concours Guidelines.

The Maverick Region Concours Chair is Mike Mahoney. You can email him at

See Andy Kay's article in Slipstream (March 2016) for more information.

2017 Maverick Concours d’Elegance Events

Dec. 2, 2017Mav's & Mochas Peoples Choice Car Show

Peoples Choice$10 / carRegister
March 2018Concours d’Elegance

"Street" Concours??? / carTBD
Q2 2018Mav's & Mochas Peoples Choice Car Show

Peoples Choice??? / carTBD
Q3 2018Concours d’Elegance

"Street" Concours??? / carTBD
Q4 2018Mav's & Mochas Peoples Choice Car Show

Peoples Choice??? / carTBD

Car Preparation

Concours Judging What’s it take to prepare your Porsche? The links below offer detailed cleaning instructions and a short checklist for preparing your car for a Concours d’Elegance. The checklist and preparation guidelines may appear ominous at first, but remember Maverick Concours will be lightly judged top-only events. The better prepared, the better your chances of beating your competition. So, go to it; who doesn’t like a freshly detailed car now and then!

Judging Guidelines and Scoring

DescriptionFormat Download
Maverick Concours Judging GuidelinesPDF Download
Concours ScoringDOC Download

Concours Tips and Tricks

DescriptionFormat Download
What to Expect at a Concours d'EleganceDOC Download
Concours Preparation ChecklistDOC Download
Detailed Preparation Guidelines - Reprinted with permission from PCA Zone 8.PDF Download