Why Do I have to Have Numbers?


Car numbers are very important for safe and efficient operations at track events. The primary method of communicating with you while you are on the track is with flags. It is important that the corner workers who display the flags and control tower at the track be able to quickly identify any specific car. A legible number on the car is the quickest way to accomplish that task. Therefore, the numbers must be clearly visible to corner workers and the tower and they must be unique numbers for every car. If we have two number 33's, mistakes could result. If we use car series designations (i.e. #911) we invite confusion.

Numbers must be a color that contrast with the color of the car for visibility and displayed on both sides and the front of each car. They must be a minimum of 8 inches tall with a 2-inch stroke. Ten to 12 inch numbers look very good. The registrar will assign numbers for the event to prevent duplications. You will be asked for some choices, but it might be necessary to assign a different number similar to what you are requesting to prevent duplication. We will no longer accept duplicate or illegible car numbers. So please do not be upset if you are removed from the track during your session or delayed in starting your session in order to correct your car numbers.

Numbers are available in several styles from most sign shops and are not expensive. Vinyl stick on numbers and magnetic numbers are both very popular. Stick on numbers will generally cost about $15 per set. Reusable stick on numbers are available from some sources but are generally more expensive at about $40 per set. Magnetic numbers are reusable and will run in the $40 range. If you use stick on numbers, use a hair dryer to heat them slightly when removing them and they will come off easily without paint damage.

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