Maverick Region Tours are gatherings of PCA members and guests who meet up at a defined starting location and drive together, along an interesting route, to enjoy a unique place or destination. Tours generally last about three hours and run around 60-100 miles in length. Come join the fun and see this rolling car show!

For the 2018 season we have six tours spaced throughout the year. All of the tours are "near to home", and provide members with a beautiful scenic drive to a fun destination! All PCA members can participate in a tour for FREE.

Our Tourmeisters are Mark Pitarresi and Tom Gomer. To obtain more information on the Tours, please e-mail them at:

2018 Tour Schedule

EventDay DateTime Length Destination Registration
Tour 1: March Sunday3/25/20189am TBD
Tour 2: April Saturday4/15/20189am TBD
Tour 3: May Saturday5/19/20189am TBD
Tour 4: June Saturday6/23/20179am TBD
Tour 5: August Sunday8/23/20179am TBD
Tour 6: November Sunday11/4/20179am TBD

GPS Files

Select custom Garmin GPS Navigation files are available for download for popular past PCA Tours.

If you chose to drive any of these routes on your own and not as part of the authorized PCA tour (following PCA rules), then you are not participating in a PCA event and are not covered by PCA’s liability coverages.

We currently have files from: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011

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Tour Videos