Mav Of The Month

Each month the Maverick Region President selects a Mav Of The Month in recognition of their contribution to the club. The winner gets a $75 fine dining Gift Card courtesy of Autobahn Porsche.

Current Mav Of The Month


September marks Jerry’s 20-year anniversary in the Maverick PCA. Long before Jerry became known as our Region trivia expert, he was an advertiser in Slipstream promoting his “Jerry DeFeo New Home Designs” business. His tagline “Have You Ever Wished that You Could Find Someone that Took as Much Care to Design Your Construction Project as Porsche Took to Design Your Favorite Car?” still resonates with today’s Porsche owner. Our first Maverick Trivia contest can be found in the February 2002 issue. That’s thousands of Maverick Region members that Jerry has stumped over the years with his interesting questions that challenge any Porschephile. If you have not tried the trivia contest, you need to start with the September version that can be found online along with answers and questions to the previous contest in this issue. The trivia contest is a great way to test your Porsche knowledge. You will learn something each month! Jerry, thank you for all of your work with the Maverick Region over the last 20 years.

Past Monthly Winners

Click on a photo to see the Mav Of The Month winner in Slipstream for that month.