Mav Of The Month

Each month the Maverick Region President selects a Mav Of The Month in recognition of their contribution to the club. The winner gets a $75 Gift Card to Silver Fox - the Prime Steaks, Seafood and Lobster restaurant.

Current Mav Of The Month

MAV OF THE MONTH: Mike Mahoney

There have been several times in my career when I have chosen someone for a position based on enthusiasm vs experience, and appointing Mike Mahoney to Concours Chair has been a brilliant decision from the start. Mike had a smile, a pitch, and a plan that made it hard to refuse. What he initially lacked in Concours experience he quickly gained by recruiting such local Maverick Region legends as Alan Bambina and Ed Mayo to train and consult himself and other volunteers on the finer points of conducting world-class Concours events. Mike’s first big event as Concours Chair was the Concours d’Elegance at Brookhaven Country Club back in March, which exceeded by far all expectations. The Maverick Concours program is back and better than ever. Thank you, Mike, for everything that you do for our club.

Past Monthly Winners

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