Mav Of The Month

Each month the Maverick Region President selects a Mav Of The Month in recognition of their contribution to the club. The winner gets a $75 fine dining Gift Card courtesy of Autobahn Porsche.

Current Mav Of The Month


One of the most important people at our track driving events is the Safety Chair. This person makes sure that these events are safe for everyone and all procedures are being followed at or above the National PCA standards. This is obviously a very important role and sometimes requires tough on-the-spot decisions to make sure the event is as safe as possible.

Bob Kramer is the Maverick Region Safety Chair, and anyone involved in our track events will tell you that we are very fortunate to have him in that role.

The 2019 Driversí Education program includes some great changes, making it more enjoyable for participants, and there are also new mandates from PCA that must be implemented this year. Bob has spent countless hours working with the rest of the team to include all of these updates into the program from the perspective of safety being our first priority. He has deep experience in other track programs and brings this to the Maverick DE program as well.

Thank you Bob for everything you do for the Maverick Region!

Past Monthly Winners

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