Mav Of The Month

Each month the Maverick Region President selects a Mav Of The Month in recognition of their contribution to the club. The winner gets a $75 Gift Card to Silver Fox - the Prime Steaks, Seafood and Lobster restaurant.

Current Mav Of The Month

MAV OF THE MONTH: Rose Gohlke, DE Hospitality

Our Mav of the Month is one of the many unsung heroes of the club. It is a unanimous opinion that Rose Gohlke makes DE events more enjoyable for every participant. Rose makes sure that everyone stays hydrated with ice cold water and always has a great lunch on hand. She also does countless little nice things to brighten everyone’s day. Thank you, Rose, and we appreciate everything that you do for the DE events!

Past Monthly Winners

Click on a photo to see the Mav Of The Month winner in Slipstream for that month.