Mav Of The Month

Each month the Maverick Region President selects a Mav Of The Month in recognition of their contribution to the club. The winner gets a $75 Gift Card to Silver Fox - the Prime Steaks, Seafood and Lobster restaurant.

Current Mav Of The Month


If you attended the October Mavs & Mochas event held at Texas Harley-Davidson in Bedford, you might have met this month’s honoree for the first time.

Furthermore, if you are a Porsche 968 owner and a Maverick member, you might have met this same person as a fellow 968 devotee virtually via email getting a personal invitation to join the October event.

In every case, Rob Adams has demonstrated great organizational skills in contacting, coercing, and ultimately befriending a group of Mavericks who may have felt unloved with their relatively rare Porsche 968 models. Thanks to Rob and his newly energized group of 968 owners, we now have a very active Maverick Special Interest Group.

Thank you Rob for becoming a very active member of the Maverick Region and for clearly demonstrating our Region motto of Driving Friendships. Enjoy your gift card to Silver Fox.

Past Monthly Winners

Click on a photo to see the Mav Of The Month winner in Slipstream for that month.