Porsche of the Month Photo Contest


The purpose of this ongoing contest is to promote member participation and to highlight Porsche club members and their cars. It is meant to be more about sharing and showing off the people and their cars than winning a prize. The "prize" in fact is simply being published in the SlipStream newsletter as the winner. Every qualifying picture submitted will be shown on our website and social media sites (at some point). I'm still trying to figure out how to display all the photos submitted.

I select ONE PHOTO PER DAY as the PHOTO OF THE DAY that is posted on INSTAGRAM. Out of the PHOTO OF THE DAY photos I pick the PHOTO OF THE MONTH.

Photos NOT SELECTED as PHOTO OF THE DAY will be placed on FACEBOOK in a separate album to be voted on my members. The top photos will be considered for the following months contest.

Contest Rules

1. Photos submitted must be Porsche or PCA related and they must be either taken by a CURRENT PCA member or the photo must be of a CURRENT PCA member and/or their car. Non-members are welcome to share photos but they are not eligible for this contest. If you own a Porsche please join PCA today and submit your photos.
2. All photos submitted within a specific month are eligible for that months contest ONLY. Submitting multiple photos means you are competing against yourself as well as others.
3. By sharing / submitting photos you are giving the Maverick Region permission to publish your photos online and in print.

Instructions on submitting photos

Send us your BEST Porsche pictures. There are now 2 ways to submit. Our online form is the preferred way. Flickr is second as we have over 2500 members and managing photos through email is very difficult.

Flickr Instructions:

To enter the monthly contest join the Maverick Flickr Group (https://www.flickr.com/groups/maverickpca/) and upload the highest quality image with the Flickr phone app or through their website and tag it with POTM. Also include your name and a caption..

Flickr Phone Steps:
1) Sign-Up
2) Login
3) Select the Groups Tab
4) Select the Maverick Region Group
5) Join if you have not already done so.
6) Click the Photo Icon at the bottom in the middle. Take a photo and click submit. Or click Library and select a photo to upload.

7) Once the photo has been uploaded you have to "share it" with the group.

From your Flickr app library select the photo you wish to share. Then click on the Info icon.

Scroll down until you see the groups section and then click "Add Group" and select the Maverick Region Flickr group.

You can also edit or add tags or a description here. The photo is now shared with the Maverick Region Flickr group.

Flickr Website Steps:
The process for uploading and sharing photos through the website is much easier as it combines several steps in one page.
1) Sign-Up
2) Login
3) Join the Maverick Region Flickr Group
4) Share or Upload new photos by clicking the Add Photo button to share existing photos in your account or click the Upload icon to upload new photos.

5) Bulk Upload makes it easy to share photos as you can select multiple photos and add tags, descriptions and assign them to the Maverick Group all at once.

If you bulk edited your photos prior to uploading you are done. Otherwise you will have to go back and do them one at a time.

For more specific instructions and help goto Flickr's online help here: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/flickr

If you have any questions email them to: POTM@mavpca.org.