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  1. A certain 1973 Porsche 914 Owner's Manual has a Warning that Shoulder Belts should not be worn by persons less than ______ tall. Is it
  2. This same Owner's Manual has Pages numbered from Page 1 through Page ______ . (hey, this is Trivia)
  3. The Points (remember those) were to have a 0.016 gap; but it was better to set the Points with a Dwell Meter to a nominal Dwell of ______ + or - 3 degrees.
  4. The Valves on a Porsche/VW Engine in a 914 were to be set when Stone Cold. What was the setting for a 2.0 Engine of 1973 vintage?
  5. Per this Owner's Manual the 1.7 L Engine developed 76 SAE HP (non-CA) and the 2.0 L developed 91 SAE HP. So, with 15 more HP, almost 20% more, the 2.0 L had a Top Speed of only ______ more MPH than the 1.7 L.