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  • Drawing to break a tie.


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The Winner this month was Tom Martin getting 5 of 5 correct.

Here were this month's questions: (This month's contest ended December 31st 2017)

  1. Last month we talked about 901's and 911's production numbers. But before there were 82 Porsche 901's produced followed by 150 911's in 1964, how many Prototypes were built of the 901?
    • - Panorama, Nov 2016, p63
  2. When you are speaking of Early 911's (1965-73), many people say that the coveted 911S is the one to own. I have one and I tend to agree. But many folks thought the S was too high strung for an everyday driver on the street; primarily due to fouling Spark Plugs. In addition to the standard 911 and 911S, there was also a 911E, 911L, and 911T. In 1969 Car & Driver Magazine did a through Test to find the best all around 911 Porsche to own for both Street and Track use. Which one was it?
    • - Panorama, Jan 2008, p26
  3. Not too long ago a 914 Owner wrote in to PCA Tech Q&A wanting to know how to best Relocate the Fuel Pump on his 1974 914 so to reduce Vapor Lock issues. Our own Ed Mayo (in-house Tech Adviser for 914's) said it was not overly difficult to relocate it, but powering it could be, as you cannot just run a power wire from the Ignition Switch as this would run the Fuel Pump anytime the Ignition was on. The System was only designed to run the Pump for ______ seconds unless the Engine starts.
    • - Panorama, July 2017, p128
  4. The Mexican Baja 1000 Race started in 1967, but due to multiple failures Porsche was not able to win until 1986, the same year a Porsche 959 won Africa's Paris-Dakar Rally. But to Win the Baja 1000 or any Rally, shocks are Key Performance element for any Rallying 911. A strongly recommended Coil-over Shock for 964's is a Special Order EXE-TC set with 9" of travel. How much are they per shock, round numbers?
    • - Panorama, August 2017, p62
  5. It took Porsche some 54 years to sell 1,000,000 911's; but only ______ years to sell 750,000 Cayenne SUV's
    • - MotorTrend Internet, Oct 27th, 2017