Welcome to the Maverick Region Trivia Contest!

Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for creating this friendly competition and putting all the hard work and dedication into administering it. Also, thanks to our sponsors for being so generous and for making it interesting. :)

The Winner this month was Cyril Reif getting 4 out of 5 Correct!

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Here are this month's questions:

  1. What was the standard equipment wheel for the 1972 & 1973 911T?
    • - Original Porsche 911, p 46
  2. Did you know that Porsche considers the 3.8 Liter Engine in the 911 GT3 it's first All-New Engine in ______ years?
    • - Dec 09 Pano, p 70
  3. The very first Porsche Turbo in 1976 was a 3.0 Liter producing some 234 HP.  The New 2010 Turbo is 3.8 Liter producing 500 HP.  In what year did the Turbo first make or exceed 400 HP?
    • - Dec 09 Pano, p 70
  4. Many people feel filling their Tires with Nitrogen is better than Compressed Air since it does not leak out as fast.  C/A leaks out at about 1-2 lbs a month; while Nitrogen leaks out at 1-2 lbs every _____?
    • - Dec 22, 09 PCA E-Brake
  5. Nitrogen just may be better in your Tires for which of the following reasons?
    • - Dec 22, 09 PCA E-Brake