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Mark Hanna


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Here are this month's questions:

  1. The new Porsche Museum is now open for visitors from 9:00am until 6:00pm daily except Monday. They anticipate how many visitors a year?
    • - Feb 23, 09 Autoweek, p. 36
  2. Porsche has approximately 400 cars in their collection. How many will be displayed in the new museum?
    • - Feb 23, 09 Autoweek, p. 36
  3. How many Porsche employees does it take to run the Museum?
    • - Feb 23, 09 Autoweek, p. 36
  4. Trophies from just the most significant of Porsche's more than ______ competition victories will hang suspended in a pool of light.
    • - Feb 23, 09 Autoweek, p. 36 & March, 09 Panorama
  5. While this Museum will have some 60,250 sq ft of exhibit space, what is the approximate total square footage of the entire building's space?
    • - Feb 23, 09 Autoweek, p. 36