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Here are this month's questions:

  1. In 1964 Porsche came out with the 356C. It still had the 1600cc OHV Engine, but they had dropped the 60HP Normal version leaving only the top two from 1963, the 75HP Super and the 90HP Super 90. But now the 75HP was known as a C Model and the 90HP was bumped to 95HP known as an SC Model. What did Porsche do to get the extra 5HP for the SC Model from the old Super 90?
  2. The 1964-65 Porsche 356C was considered "as good of a car that could be built". It was so reliable that the average Warranty Cost to Porsche for each one built was only $__________? Remember, this was some 50+ years ago.
  3. Back when the 911 first came out it was known to swap ends fairly quickly. According to Jalopnik, which 911 was known as the "Widowmaker"?
  4. The very first one of these cars was given as a Gift to whom?
  5. This first car was very unique with a lot of special features. Which of the following was NOT one of them?