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Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for creating this friendly competition and putting all the hard work and dedication into administering it. Also, thanks to our sponsors for being so generous and for making it interesting. :)


  • 1 Point awarded for each correct answer.
  • 1 entry per member.
  • Drawing to break a tie.


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The Winner this month was Tom Martin getting 5 of 5 correct.

Here were this month's questions: (This month's contest ended July 31st 2017)

  1. Brian Redman had been fairly successful in racing back in the mid 60's. He was offered a chance to go Professional in 1967 which meant he would have to quit his job working with his Father/Family in the ________ Business.
    • - Feb 2007 Panorama, p 2
  2. His Father said that if he left he could NOT come back; so Brian left to make _______ a week as a Formula 2 Driver.
    • - Feb 2007 Panorama, p 2
  3. Brian went on to be very successful in his Racing Career. When asked about the different Tracks and the most Dangerous, he replied, "I have always, then and now, considered myself lucky to have escaped with my life when I drove at ________. It is the fastest and most dangerous track I've raced at." (I guess we will give him a pass for ending the sentence with a Preposition)
    • - Feb 2007 Panorama, p 2
  4. Brian has the distinction of being one of few drivers that has actually been credited with coming in both First and Second in the same Race by partnering with TWO Teams in said Race back in 1970. What was the Track?
    • - Feb 2007 Panorama, p 2
  5. The Porsche 911T, the T was for Touring, was only built for a short period of time. That being from the 1968 through the _______ Model Years.
    • - Porsche Sense 1984, A Collection of Terms from PCA