Welcome to the Maverick Region Trivia Contest!

Thanks to Steven Dodd and Werner Foltz for creating this friendly competition and putting all the hard work and dedication into administering it. Also, thanks to our sponsors for being so generous and for making it interesting. :)

Our March winner is:

Carey Spreen

March Honorable Mentions go to:
  • Jeff Gann (100%)
  • Jack Ormberget (100%)
  • Mike Kuhn
  • Jay Walker
  • Eric Erz
  • Cyril Reif

This month's prize:

A $25 gift certificate from:

If you have any questions, contact trivia@mavpca.org.

Here are this month's questions:

  1. The November 1962 Panorama featured the following frugal expose:
    • A) Low cost rallying
  2. The following movies feature Porsche's V8 supercar
    • E) All of the above
  3. The "Mexican Road Race" aka the "Carrera Panamericana" saw its first Porsche entry in what year, before finally ending in 1954.
    • A) 1952
  4. The following picture was from:
    • A) an Elva Mk7s