Welcome to the Maverick Region Trivia Contest!

Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for creating this friendly competition and putting all the hard work and dedication into administering it. Also, thanks to our sponsors for being so generous and for making it interesting. :)

The Winner this month is Jheri Zinn getting 4 of 4 Correct.  The number this month was only 4 Questions - we have thrown out Question #5 as Porsche has changed the Transmission Options since the Contest was written and we have found conflicting info on #5.  There were 5 others that also got 4 of 4 correct and the Winner was chosen by a drawing. 

This month's prize:

A $25 gift certificate from:

If you have any questions, contact trivia@mavpca.org.

Here are this month's questions:

  1. Porsche has made the Boxster for some 12 years now. They are now coming out with a Boxster Black Edition. It will sell for $______.
    • - Autoweek Internet Article of 2-2-11
  2. The new Boxster will have more than the 310 HP of the Boxster S. It will have _______ HP.
    • - Autoweek Internet Article of 2-2-11
  3. The new Black Edition will turn 0-60 in 4.8 seconds in Stock Form. But by buying the Optional _________ Package, that time can be reduced down to 4.6 seconds.
    • - Autoweek Internet Article of 2-2-11
  4. There will only be ______ Units of the Black Edition built.
    • - Autoweek Internet Article of 2-2-11
  5. You can order it with any of the following Porsche transmissions you like:
    • - Autoweek Internet Article of 2-2-11
      • This question omitted in results due to subsequent conflicting info