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NOTE: These questions were reused for June due to problems with the submission form.

  1. In 1974 Porsche ran a two page Centerfold Advertisement that showed three cars: a 917, a 911, and a 914. It had the price for all three below the picture with a short description of the car and its list price. The 911 was $9,950, the 914 was $6,050; how much was the 917?
    • - Ebay item for sale ending 2-18-09, copy of Adv on File
  2. Porsche has really modified their engines for the 2009 models. The base Boxster is now 2.9L vs. the 2.7L that it had before. What is the 2009 Boxster S's engine displacement?
    • - Feb 9, 09 Autoweek, p. 24
  3. There is much talk about Hybrid Cars nowadays including Porsche. Which Porsche engineer earned the first patent for a series-hybrid concept and in what year?
    • - Mar 09 Automobile Magazine, page 49
  4. The Porsche museum is now open!!! It will cost you 8 Euros (about $10) to get in. How much did it cost to build?
    • - Feb 23, 09 Autoweek, p. 36
  5. This same Museum was considered to be a very prestigious Project. How many different Architects bid on the Job?
    • - Feb 23, 09 Autoweek, p. 36