Maverick Trivia Contest

Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for creating this friendly competition and putting all the hard work and dedication into administering it. Also, thanks to our sponsors for being so generous and for making it interesting. :)


  • 1 Point awarded for each correct answer.
  • 1 entry per member.
  • Drawing to break a tie.

If you have any questions, contact Jerry DeFeo at

The Winner this month was Michelle Cook getting 5 of 5 correct.
Honorable Mentions also go to Jack Riley, Tom Martin, Andy Allen, Josh Hoffman, and Doug Jacobson who also got 5 of 5 correct.
(Ties are broken by random drawing)

Here were this month's questions:

(This month's contest ended May 31, 2019 The next contest will be posted on the 10th.)

  1. Porsche had an Outstanding year in 2018. It was so good they gave every Employee from Cleaning Staff to the Assembly Line to the Receptionist to the Engineers to the Managers a very nice Bonus of Approximately ________ !
    • - Mar 21, 2019
  2. They did that by selling some __________ Vehicles.
    • - Mar 21, 2019
  3. Everyone knows about Porsche Dealer Dr William Dick's One-off Troutman 4-door 911. But that was not built by Porsche. However, some years earlier Porsche did build a true 4-seater car based on the 1950 356. It was call a _______ !
    • - Mar 21, 2019
  4. However, in 1984 Porsche did build a true 4-door Prototype for Ferry Porsche's 75th Birthday that was a 928 stretched some 10" and used Clam-shell Rear Doors. It was known internally as a ________ !
    • - of Apr 25, 2019
  5. However, in 1988 Porsche built a Type _______ that was a true 4-door with two rear seat and a water-cooled V-8 engine up front. The 'Family Sports Car' is a direct antecedent of the Panamera but did not get a green light due to financial constraints at the time.
    • - of Apr 25, 2019