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Here are this month's questions:

  1. Porsche has a 16 Volume Repair Manual Set for Sale, Part # WKD.484.221 for the 2003-05 Cayenne. What is the List Price for the Set?
    • - Pano August, 2010, pg 105 ADV
  2. Some of the 3.2 Carrera's had faulty Cylinder Head Temp Sensors that would cause problems sending you in all kinds of directions trying to diagnose what was wrong. This was fixed by a redesigned Sensor that came out around 1987. Which of the following did a faulty Sensor NOT cause?
    • - Pano August, 2010, pg 80, Chris Powell info
  3. Should you get Overspray on your Vinyl interior, John Paterek, Tech Advisor, says you should use _________ to get it off; after you put a bit on a test spot.
    • - Pano August, 2010, pg 80, John Paterek info
  4. Porsche has just announced a new model for the Paris Auto Show, the 911 Speedster. It is a normally aspirated 3.8L Boxer 6 cylinder that is a convertible with 23 more HP than a Carrera S, special colors, etc; but still only two-wheel rear drive. It is a 'bit' more expensive than the $101,500 Carrera S Convertible. What will it cost?
    • - Jalopnik, Sept 21, 2010
  5. And just how many of these special Porsche 911 Speedsters are they going to build?
    • - Jalopnik, Sept 21, 2010