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  • 1 entry per member.
  • Drawing to break a tie.


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The Winner this month was Frank Armstrong getting 5 of 5 correct.
Honorable Mention also goes to Tom Martin who also got 5 of 5 correct.
(Ties are broken by random drawing)

Here were this month's questions: (This month's contest ended November 30th 2016)

  1. While Porsche did have Convertibles with the 356 and 550 Series Cars, the 911s and 912s did not due to a "misunderstanding" by about EVERY Car Manufacturer in the World of the USA Rules and Regulations on Turn-over Structure. So, Porsche came out with the 'Targa' in 1966 as a 67 Model with a Removeable Soft Rear Window. There were some 8,511 Targas built in 1968, but only _______ Targas were built in 1967?
    • - Panorama Jun 2014, p 66
  2. Porsche Marketing described the Targa as 4 cars in 1. With the Top & Rear Window in place it was the "Targa Hardtop". Removing the Soft Rear Window made it the "Targa Voyage"; while removing the Soft Rear Window AND the Folding Vinyl Roof made it the "Targa Spyder". But what was it called with Rear Window in place and the Folding Vinyl Roof stowed away?
    • - Panorama Jun 2014, p 66
  3. The original Targa had a Soft Rear Window as introduced in 1966 as a 67 model. A Fixed Hard Safety Glass Rear Window became available in 1968; and then Heated Safety Glass as the standard in 1969. When was the Soft Rear Window totally eliminated from the Order Sheet? The end of Model Year _____.
    • - Panorama Jun 2014, p 66
  4. There have been many Privateer Porsche Racing Teams over the years with Financing from multiple sources. One of the more successful teams was JLP Racing back in the 1980s. This Team mainly comprised on John Paul, Sr and his son John Paul, Jr racing their highly successful JLP-1, JLP-2, and JLP-3. Where did their sponsorship money come from?
    • - Panorama Oct 2016, p 37
  5. While many Teams really push the envelope on the Rules, some just cheat. JLP-3 cars had a 5 Gallon Auxiliary Gas Tank that was activated by _________.
    • - Panorama Oct 2016, p 37