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  • Drawing to break a tie.


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The Winner this month was Tom Martin getting 5 of 5 correct.

Here were this month's questions: (This month's contest ended November 30th 2017)

  1. To say that Sebring is hard on Race Cars is an Understatement!!! The pretty Red Coke sponsored Porsche 962 driven by Akin, Gartner, and Stuck came in in 1st place with ONLY THREE (3) Wheels due to losing a Wheel thereby damaging the Hub. How many times did the Pit Crew have to replace the Tire & Wheel so as to Win the Race at 12 Hours with only 3 Wheels.
    • - Panorama, Sept 2017, p59
  2. In what year did this 3 Wheeled Wonder Win in the Porsche 962 take place?
    • - Panorama, Sept 2017, p59
  3. Everyone that knows anything about Porsche's knows the 911 was first called a 901 before Peugeot threw a Hissy-fit (that is a case of being super upset if you do not speak native Texan) and Porsche went to 911. So just how many 901's were produced before the change in 1964?
    • - Panorama, Nov 2016, p63
  4. So now it is called a 911 vs a 901, how many 911's were then produced in the remainder of 1964?
    • - Panorama, Nov 2016, p63
  5. Most Porsche folks are well aware of the infamous IMS Bearing Problems. There have been many complaints and Lawsuits of the same. However, Porsche Lawyers declare boldly that over _____ % of Porsche's with the M96/M97 Engines with the Original Bearing will live out their entire natural lives without incident.
    • - Panorama, Sept 2017, p116