Welcome to the Maverick Region Trivia Contest!

Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for creating this friendly competition and putting all the hard work and dedication into administering it. Also, thanks to our sponsors for being so generous and for making it interesting. :)

Our October winner is:

Pierce Cooper! Honorable Mention to Bill Hughes.

This month's prize:

A $25 gift certificate from:

If you have any questions, contact trivia@mavpca.org.

Here are this month's questions:

  1. One of the most famous Race Cars that Ferry Porsche ever designed right after WWII was the Cisitalia Grand Prix car for industrialist Pietro Dusio. It is currently being restored for the new Porsche Museum. Interestingly enough they were surprised to find Cisitalia is constructed of?
  2. Automobile Magazine recently had an article called "Giant Killers" in which they showed a much less expensive car than the $127K Porsche 911 Turbo could actually out perform the Porsche, and have enough money left over to buy a Boxster. What is that car?
  3. The 908/03 of the late 70's weighed 1245 lbs. How much of that was that was the approximate weight of the frame?
  4. The new 2009 Porsche 911 has both Direct Fuel Injection and PDK. What is PDK?
  5. PDK stands for?