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Here are this month's questions:

  1. Ferry Porsche, Designer of the Porsche 356 had four sons; Butzi, Peter, Wolfgang, and Gerhard. Some joined him building cars at Porsche, but Gerhard went a totally different direction. What profession did Gerhard end up in?
  2. PCNA stands for?
  3. According to many Porsche Fans, one of the easiest modifications to get more performance from your new Porsche is the addition of a?
  4. The older High Performance Porsche Models (S, SC, S-90, RS) had to have the Lifters adjusted when the engine was Stone Cold. The newer Porsche Models all have Hydraulic Lifters and therefore have to be adjusted when the engine is?
  5. Porsche's first production car was the 356. It gave us many variations of Coupes, Cabriolets, and Convertibles with Removable Hardtops; all with different Engine Displacements and HP's. As they made major changes they would change the Letter after 356. What was the final Model Designation before they went to the 911?