Porsche Club of America - Specialty License Plates

You can now Pre-Order your PCA License Plates

As of 10/16/2017 we have sold 189 of the 200 plates needed.

MyPlates.com is now taking pre-orders for PCA License plates. We must have 200 pre-paid orders before the plates can move into production. We actually don't knwo when TxDoT will update their system next so we need to get to 200 ASAP so that there is no further delays.

We have 6 months to reach 200 pre-paid orders (December 2017). If 200 Pre-Orders are not reached in that time all monies received will be fully refunded.

Choose from one of three options for over a 1, 3 or 5 year term.1 Year3 Years5 Years
Choose the PCA design plus the luxury to create a message of up to six letters/numbers. From less than $90/year*
Background Only
Simply choose the PCA design and you are ready to checkout. A random letter/number combination will be generated for you. From less than $35/year*
Already have a great plate from MyPlates? Why not pre-order your restyle to this great new design.
One-time fee $50

Plates are offered on a 1, 3, or 5 year term with discounts for multi year purchases. Currently the prices range from $50 per year for a Background only plate (with 6 random characters) to $450 for a 5 year Personalized plate. The PCA license plates are limited to 6 characters due to the logo talking up one space.

People with existing Texas Specialty License Plates have the option of Porting or Restyling their plates. "Porting" is when you currently have a personalized plate message on a non-My Plates plate. You can move that message to the new My Plates PCA plate, the cost is the price of a new My Plates plate. So ideally, you "Port" close to the end of your 1-yr plate term, so you don't lose anything. "Restyling" is once you are on a My Plates design, you can move your personalized message to any of our other designs for a one time $50 fee.

We have also come up with a few license plate frames to go along with your new plates. The Maverick Region is giving away license plate frames to the FIRST 50 Maverick members to buy PCA plates.