Porsche Club of America - Specialty License Plates

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PCA Texas

The Maverick Region is sponsoring a Porsche Club of America Specialty License Plate for the State of Texas. This is a STATEWIDE initiative with participation from the 9 PCA Regions that have members in the State oF Texas. That is why we are using the National PCA logo instead of the region logo.

As of 4/5/2017 we have a FINAL DESIGN. This is based on MyPlates.com sales figures and a statewide PCA survey. Due to TxDOT reflection requirements we can not do a full black plate. Only the raised portion of the plate has any color so all plates have a white border.

We have come up with a few license plate frame proposals that would offer some other looks including the popular all black look. Each region could have their own.

The FINAL STEP is for TxDOT to approve the plate at their June Board Meeting on Thursday, June 1, 2017. It will then go on sale shortly after that through MyPLates.com. If you signed the petition, MyPlates will email you when it goes on sale. We will also be sending out emails and doing more ads as the plate gets ready for production.

Plates are offered on a 1, 3, or 5 year term with discounts for multi year purchases. Currently the prices range from $50 per year for a Background only plate to $450 for a 5 year Personalized plate. The final design has not been selected but it will have the PCA National logo with 6 personalized characters.

People with existing Texas Specialty License Plates have the option of Porting or Restyling their plates. "Porting" is when you currently have a personalized plate message on a non-My Plates plate. You can move that message to the new My Plates PCA plate, the cost is the price of a new My Plates plate. So ideally, you "Port" close to the end of your 1-yr plate term, so you don't lose anything. "Restyling" is once you are on a My Plates design, you can move your personalized message to any of our other designs for a one time $50 fee.

NOTE: Availability of Custom Plate Messages changes all the time. I know someone who recently got "TURBO S".

Please share the petition link with fellow club members and encourage them to sign it: http://www.myplates.com/register/txpca