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History of the Texas PCA License Plates

In May of 2016, Maverick Regional board member, Bill Orr proposed that the region investigate the potential of PCA getting their own Specialty License Plate for the State of Texas. After some investigation and collaboration with the other 8 PCA regions that have members in Texas, the Maverick Regional Board voted to sponsor a PCA Specialty License Plate on their own in December 2016.

After consulting with the states specialty plate vendor, MyPlates.com, and doing a statewide survey, a PCA plate design was developed. A total of 312 surveys from members covering 8 of the 9 regions was received.

Texas is only the 5th state to have a PCA license plate behind Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and Washington D.C.

Maryland PCA PLates -

New York PCA PLates -

Pennsylvania PCA PLates -

Washington D.C. PCA PLates -